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Marine Bloodworms are the most essential component of the maturation diet for all Penaeid shrimp broodstock. These marine bloodworms (Nireis virens) are cultured in bio-secure, land-based ponds along the European coast of the North Sea. The cold-water temperatures and marine algae diet produces a bloodworm that is very high in essential fatty acids (HUFA’s), necessary for sustained reproduction of shrimp broodstock.

  • Feed 8-10% wet body weight of total broodstock population per day
  • Certified free of all shrimp pathogens (TSV, WSSV, YHV)
  • High biomass content – 3 grams per worm, 850 g. per kilo weight after thawing
  • Protein, 60%; Fat, 14%; Ash, 15%, Cholesterol, 1.2%
  • Flash frozen in one kilo flatpacks
  • Fifteen one kilo flatpacks to a case

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  • United States origin. Harvested from salt ponds near San Francisco, California
  • Bio-enriched with a high quality fish oil emulsion
  • Blast frozen to preserve nutritional quality
  • Fed to post-larvae stages PL3 and higher
  • Certified disease free of all commercial shrimp viruses

Packaging: Packaged in two pound “flat packs”, 24-packs (48-pounds net weight) per case. Insulated containers are an additional cost as required shipping via airfreight.

The deficiency of the essential HUFA’s (highly unsaturated fatty acids) in the diet is primarily linked to its destruction during the heat pressing of flake and pelleted feeds. However, the innovative technique of bio-enrichment using "live" Artemia as a delivery system for essential nutrients, is now routinely practiced in commercial aquaculture facilities worldwide.

Our frozen Enriched Artemia Biomass is harvested from pristine waters near San Francisco in northern California. To ensure this product is “biosecure”, disease free certification and other testing for all Class 1 shrimp pathogens and viruses (WSSV, YVH, TSV, NHP & IHHNV) are performed on a continues basis.



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NatuRose(tm) is a natural source of astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. The majority of the NatuRose carotenoid fraction is astaxanthin, with about 15% of the remaining fraction consisting of canthaxanthin, lutein and beta-carotene. This highly concentrated form of natural astaxanthin has been carefully formulated into a fine, free flowing dark red powder and is an essential nutritional requirement for shrimp maturation and larviculture.


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BREED-S and BREED-S CONCENTRATE is amaturation diet for domesticated and wild shrimp broodstock.



  • Highly attractive and water stable
  • Compliments and can substitute up to 60% of the fresh food diets
  • Includes all known nutrients necessary for broodstock maturation
  • Pellet softener (BREED-S) added to improve palatability and ingestion

Storage and Packaging: BREED-S and BREED-S CONCENTRATE are available in 10-kg pails. Store in a dry cool environment. Once opened, use product within one month and keep refrigerated. Not for human consumption.

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Frozen Bloodworms

  • Origin          Maine, USA
  • Species       Glycera de Branchiata
  • Packaging    40-pound insulated cases
  • Documents   all original health and origin certificates available
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Frozen Calamari Squid

  • Origin          Monterey, California USA
  • Species       Loligo Opalascens
  • Packaging    60-pound cases / (12) 5-pound packs
  • Documents   all original health and origin certificates available
  • Pricing         CALL

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